Teachers and counselors are the primary referral source of grieving students to Lost & Found Grief Center. We value your partnership with us and the incredible work you do with students. Teachers and counselors have daily contact with students and can provide the “front line” of care for grieving students. However, a recent bereavement survey from New York Life Foundation and the American Federation of Teachers found that, while 7 in 10 classroom teachers have students who have lost someone close to them in the past year, only 7% have ever received any training in dealing with bereavement. We want to be a resource for you in your work with grieving students, so this site is designed to provide assistance to you and materials that you can easily share with the families of grieving students.

We ask you to encourage parents/caregivers to get their children involved in the support groups at Lost & Found Grief Center.

If you need additional brochures, those can be mailed to you. Please contact the office (417) 865-9998.