Lost & Found Grief Center's Therapeutic Grief Support Groups

Lost & Found Grief Center offers therapeutic grief support groups at no cost. All groups are led by a professional with a Masters Degree in Counseling or Social Work. Groups emphasize talking about feelings, learning coping skills, and finding hope for the future. Groups offer a confidential safe environment where participants can speak freely without fear of judgement.

  • Little Ones - Ages 4-6
  • Children - Ages 6-11
  • Middlers - Ages 11-14
  • Teens - Ages 14-18
  • Young Adult
  • Young Adult Child Loss
  • Child Loss
  • Spouse Loss

Children's Groups

The power of a group setting for children comes from finding out that they are not the only ones who have experienced a loss and learning that their feeling are normal as they hear others in the group share. Through a combination of art, play, and discussion, children learn to identify their feelings, gain coping skills, and are encourages to move forward to a future with hope.

"I learned that I am not alone in my grief."

Adult Groups

The power of a group setting for adults comes from the opportunity to meet with others sharing a similar loss in a safe environment, free of judgement or advice. Group members discuss the complex challenges of grief and gain support from others while also learning coping skills.

"When you go to a group, you listen and hear what the other people have to say and realize that you feel the same way. Things start to get a little better for you. There is a validation of your grief and questions that you have are resolved."

Young Adult Groups

Group members discuss the complex challenges of grief in this age group.

"From this grief group experience, I learned that I am not crazy."

Spouse Loss

Group members share with others who have lost a spouse and are learning how to build a new normal.

"Lost & Found provided support for my kids that they have really needed."

Child Loss

This group addresses the unique and very long lasting struggles resulting from the death of a child. While children are in their groups, parents and caregivers discuss the challenges of parenting grieving children and recieve support for their own grief.

"Lost & Found has given me the ability to breathe again"

Lost & Found Grief Center has 20 years of experience in the field of grief and provides a full range of grief support for children, families, young adults, and adults. As a comprehensive grief center we implement a structured routine that is research-based in order to provide emotional safety, especially for children. We care for each child, family, young adult and adult with personalized care to ensure that the correct program is selected for the individual. If Lost & Found Grief Center’s programs are not the best fit for your situation, we will do our best to help you find the program outside of the agency that is the best fit for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about our therapeutic grief support programs, please call (417) 865-9998 or fill out a contact form.