Lost & Found Grief Center’s Journeys Program is for families facing an advanced serious illness. Customized care is offered for children, teens, and parents/caregivers to provide support as you and your family move through the challenges that can accompany an advanced serious illness.

What Journeys Offers

  • Additional support and resources to navigate changes since diagnosis
  • Strategies for coping with worries, fears, and other emotions
  • Help explaining illness/treatment to children in age-appropriate terms
  • Individual consultations

Whatever the outcome of your loved one’s diagnosis, we want you and your family to feel supported and empowered each step of the way.

"My daughter really looks forward to coming here. I can tell she feels less anxious and it has helped us as a family to talk about the changes we are experiencing."

"I appreciate the resources I've had access to in the Journeys Program. They have helped me feel more confident in parenting my children during this difficult time."

Journeys Caregiver Group

In January 2020, Lost & Found began offering a therapeutic support group for caregivers who are caring for a loved one with an advanced serious illness such as cancer or a neurodegenerative disease.

We know that sometimes the needs of caregivers get lost in the middle of a loved one’s treatments, appointments, and medical needs. It can be difficult to find others who truly understand the complex challenges caregivers encounter. The Journeys Caregiver Group provides a nonjudgmental place for caregivers to interact, share stories, learn new coping skills, and gain strength from each other.

The Journeys Caregiver Group currently meets twice a month for 90 minutes online.

"The best part of group is that I know I’m not alone in trying to cope with this really tough situation."

"We laugh, we cry, we share our worries and disappointments, and we celebrate victories both big and small. It’s a safe place where I can just be me."

"I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend a group with people whose loved ones had a different diagnosis than my husband’s. Looking back, I’m glad I found this group. Because our loved ones all have different situations, we don’t focus on sharing advice on new treatments or protocols. Rather, we focus on us, the caregivers, and our experiences and needs."

There is a per session fee associated with The Journeys Program. 
If you are interested in finding out more about our Journeys Program, please call (417) 865-9998 or fill out the contact form below.

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