At Lost & Found, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Here you will find other people your age who will listen and may understand how you feel. Talking to others experiencing a similar situation will make you feel better.





"Lost & Found has helped me with grief and I like sharing with others my age."

"I like coming here because other people make me feel better."

"Lost & Found has really helped me to not feel sad and down. I came here because my dad died."

"The group I am in makes me feel like I am not alone."


This is what a 15-year-old high school student said after his father died from suicide: "It’s like embarrassing kind of to even talk about. It makes me mad almost at my dad, but I’m sad too because I can’t see or talk to him anymore. I don’t like to talk about it because no one knows what to say to me and mostly what they do say is like, whatever. I never talk about it with my mom because she gets upset and then I feel bad that I brought it up.”

"It helps me because you can't express these feelings anywhere else but here. School friends, teachers, students don't get our feelings like you guys here."

"At Lost & Found, you don't have to act strong for your friends, your mom, or anyone else. You can just let your feelings show."

"I was afraid they would make me talk about my feelings, but they don't make you talk about anything you don't feel comfortable about. Eventually, you do talk about your feelings because you can trust the people here."

"I’m different from everyone else at school, but at Lost & Found, all the kids have had a death in their families, so in that way we're all alike. It's cool to be able to talk to people who get it, or to just be left alone if that's what you need that day."

"I hate when people act like I should 'get over it.' We talk about that here. And we talk about the other things people say who don't really understand."

"Thank you for trying to help us. You helped put joy in my life."


"Lost & Found has been such a blessing for us. The kids look forward to our nights with our groups, which anything to look forward to at this point, makes for something positive in our lives."

"Lost and Found is about remembering. And too many times in the grieving process you bury and cover up because its too painful, and what Lost and Found facilitates for you is to learn and remember and survive remembering. "

"Thank you for having a place for my son to come so he doesn't feel alone.  You are appreciated by me as a parent because I am learning about others and sharing experiences."

"The thing about L&F is that outside of these walls you get a lot of sympathy, but inside these walls you get empathy.”

"Thank you for providing a safe place for our grieving children to come...this place gives her a safe place to learn there are others that are feeling the same pain she is.”