Serious Illness

We know when a parent is diagnosed with a serious illness, the children worry. Children sense that something is wrong when a parent is ill. If they are not given information to help them through the process, they are left to worry alone and seek answers from other sources, that may not be correct.

Talking to Children About Cancer and Serious Illness

We aim to help make the journey less scary for kids. As you are going through treatment, we know you don’t have time to research and find parenting tips on how to help your children. Our purpose is to partner with you and give you the information and resources you need to navigate this unfamiliar path.

Lost & Found offers a support group for children and their parents where family members learn to communicate with each other about the changes in their lives, and learn how to use their strengths to cope in a healthy way. The group will give the children opportunities to learn basic information about health, illness, and treatment. The group is not intended to give children information specific to their parent’s illness or prognosis. The children will also learn healthy ways to handle emotions.

Why consider a support group?

1. The illness is serious will affect your children.

2. The illness can impact family functioning, friendships, and overall adjustment.

3. Your family unit will be able to walk this journey stronger, united and ready to face the future with hope.

4. Your family will receive support from other families walking their own journey.

5. Children and families who are not prepared or who do not have support can be permanently scarred by a parent’s medical crisis without support.

Children and your family deserve to be prepared and can emerge whole, healthy, and ready to go on with life. The goal is to bring you and your children through even stronger, united, and ready to face the future with hope. For more information about our Journeys Group, please contact the office 417.865.9998.

  • Journeys Groups: Children, teens, & parents facing a life-threatening illness



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