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Wampler Family

I started in utter shock. Then I took my anger and decided to use it to "take the bull by the horns.” Dealing with business, insurance, the rumors and others was very draining. By the seventh month, things have settled down. I refuse to let others bring my kids and I down. I try to remain strong for the sake of the kids. I refuse to let the grief overtake me. I know that that’s not what my husband would want for us. I’m starting to enjoy laughter again.

We were and remain a strong family unit. We loved being together. We knew how to have fun and love each other. That’s our strength now through this journey. Now we’re three who rely on each other daily. The man we loved and lost taught us tools to survive. He taught us compassion, adversity and how to live each day to its fullest. We cherish our memories. We are blessed to have had him with us. We know we were loved.