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Paxman Family

Our journey to Lost and Found began in November, 2008. Shelton lost his grandmother in February, 2007. His Dad, Tate, and I started dating January, 2008. Our relationship moved quickly, and soon we made our lives one.

Tate’s job took him over the road so I took on the job of raising Shelton on a daily basis. As the days turned to weeks, I began to realize that something was always weighing heavily on the heart of this 7- year-old. After several assessments, we learned that he had never really grieved for the loss of his grandmother.

Death of a loved one is something I didn’t understand because I have not lost a loved one. Therefore, I didn’t know how to help Shelton with his feelings. We were referred us to Lost and Found where we found help. We’ve been attending group meetings for several months now. I can tell the positive outcome and personal growth that Shel has made in a short time. He knows now that it’s ok to miss her and that she will always be with him in his heart.