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Metz Family

My dad died on June 10, 2008, after having a routine surgery. He was getting some kidney stones removed, something that he’s had done about a bazillion times. My brother and I stayed home while our mom and dad went to the hospital. Around dinnertime, Mom came home and told us that everything had gone well and that he was going to spend the night. We then went to eat dinner and started on our way toward the hospital. On the way, we got a call from the chaplain, and so we hurried into the hospital. We were met at the elevator by the chaplain. He told us that my dad had "coded,” and then we were ushered into a small room. A few minutes later, the doctor came in and told us that Dad hadn’t made it. We don’t really know how it happened or what happened, because we weren’t there. But he was healthy, and I don’t think it was supposed to happen. The autopsy was inconclusive and didn’t actually tell us how he died but just told us how he didn’t die. We all miss him every day.