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Manes Family

I lost my husband the day before I delivered our daughter, Lawlli. I have been struggling for the past six years with my own feelings, let alone, with how to help my daughter with her feelings. I wasn’t comfortable with my hurt and anger and jealousy. I had no clue how to teach Lawlli that her feelings were okay, because I didn’t think my feelings were okay. We found out about Lost and Found from Lawlli’s kindergarten teacher. Finding Lost and Found was a Godsend. We are both learning it is okay to express our feelings . . . whatever they are.

Then suddenly, we lost my baby brother on February 2, 2009. I would have lost my mind if we had not had Lost and Found to turn to for help. It’s so hard to talk to people who don’t understand the loss of someone so close. At Lost and Found, we can express ourselves and know that our words are heard.

Lawlli and I are moving back to Branson soon but will continue coming to Lost and Found. We may have lost two very important, irreplaceable people in our lives, but we have found a family we can’t make it without. Thank you, Lost and Found. Thank you, Randy.