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Lopez Family

December 16,2005,our life was forever changed. My husband, Pedro, was in Guadalajara, Mexico, tying up a few loose endsfrom our recent move back to the States. Pedro and a friend were abducted, carjacked . . . TAKEN! We knew few details and the investigation was at a dead end for months. The first weekswere the most agonizing. Not knowing where he was or WHY was very difficult. As the months went by, everything inside of me told me, he was FOREVER gone! My children grieved the disappearance of their father as I grieved his death. We prayed everyday for closure. Finally

February 20, 2007, I received a call from the Homicide Department in Guadalajara, Mexico, requesting DNA. They found two male bodies murdered andburied at an abandonedranch outside the city.

On March 8, 2007, we finally buried Pedro. Both my children, Maverick and Isabel, had good and bad days. Their hearts were full of questions and fear. We are still working through some of these feelings. They miss their father more than anyone can put into words. They have a hole that is impossible to fill. There isn't a day that goes by that Pedro doesn't grace our thoughts. Maverick and Isabel know they were loved by him.

Everything we experiencein our lives shapes us to be the people we are. God doesn't make mistakes, and we choose to acceptHis plan for us. Our journey has been a long road that really never ends. Happiness isn't a destination. If we wait to arrive at a place where we will havejoy, we will never get there.Wereceivehappiness and joy alongthe journey we call life. We choose life!