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Kozuth-Skibinski Family

I was only six years old when my dad died. He had cancer my whole life. I remember walking into my house, because someone was taking care of me, seeing my mom crying and then she told me that he had died. One of my best memories of my dad was whenever he would take me to the Discovery Center after picking me up from daycare. I remember at the Discovery Center he would help me with the giant bubble machine. We would laugh when the bubble popped and soap would get all over us. I also remember when we went to Disney World the year before he died. We did a lot of rides and games and it was all fun, until it occurred to me that he could have died that day. But I’m still really glad we went, because we still had fun and he was better for a while. I am eleven now, and I’m still in the grieving process but it’s gotten a lot better. My mom says my dad would be so proud of me now.