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Godden Family

My husband and I decided to take a vacation in New Orleans after renewing our wedding vows for our 11th year anniversary. On our first evening there, we went out for dinner and drinks. Afterwards, he wanted to go to the casino, and I decided to go back to our hotel. That was the last time I ever saw him-because he never came back. I knew he would never leave me alone in a strange city by myself, so after I couldn’t reach him I spent the next day calling the hospitals to try and find him, but no one had any record of him. Finally, more than 48 hours after he went missing, I was notified that he had been found dead only three blocks from our hotel the night he went missing. When I was finally allowed to see his body, he had scrapes all over his face and hands, and all of the cash and credit cards had been stolen from his wallet. The police investigated but there were no cameras in the area where he died. The final autopsy said he died of heart failure, but there are no answers as to what took place leading up to this. I have had to accept that I will never know what happened to him. Losing my best friend, life partner and the father to my children has been the most devastating event in my life. My husband lit up every room he entered and he never knew a stranger. Now I see this in my youngest daughter, which helps me get through each day. This journey has been very hard for my girls and me, but we just move forward one day at a time and now I try to live to the fullest – just as my husband did.