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Frost-Miller Family

My name is Connie Miller and this is my granddaughter Brandie Lee Frost known as "Princess” to her

Daddy. On May 19, 2014 my son Brandon, his daughter Brandie and some friends went to Bakers Creek, to crawdad fish. Brandon dove off the bridge into the creek. When he came up Brandie thought he was fishing because his head was still in the water, but he wasn’t breathing so they started CPR. Brandon was airlifted to Mercy Hospital. We raced to the hospital where our nightmare began. Brandon had fractured his skull, had severe brain damage, and broke his neck in three places. The doctor told us he was paralyzed and would be on life support the rest of his life.

Brandon was in Neuro ICU for four days, the longest days of my life. On Thursday, May 22, 2014, at 1:00a.m. Brandon’s brain completely died, and I had to say goodbye to my son. I went home to tell Brandie that her Daddy went to be with Jesus and she needed to say goodbye to him. I heard about Lost & Found and was encouraged by the wonderful doctors and staff at Mercy to enroll Brandie in this special program. We started group sessions in August. Brandie couldn’t wait to go back to her group; she loved it! For myself, it was very hard to participate in the adult program, but the more I was there, the easier it was to engage in conversations.

Lost and Found is a very special program. I would recommend it to anyone that has lost a loved one. Thank you so much, Lost and Found, for helping us through the hardest time in our lives.