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Chambers Family

May 21, 2004, forever changed our lives. How we thought, how we felt and how we lived. My 8 year old son and I pulled upon the scene of an accident that involved my mom and Roman, my 5 year old son. Seeing my mom’s van covered still brings chills to me. Hearing the words that my mother was dead and my son had been airlifted took me to an out of body experience. I was in disbelief when I got to the hospital and found out later my son was not going to make it. That kind of experience changes you as a person. I had lost my loving mother at age 53and baby boy. My surviving children lost their little brother and precious grandma. My family, friends, church and God’s love surrounded us, and I know that had a great role in our survival. Lost and Found brought us 4 years of groupgrowth that helped us cope with everyday life. It brought a sense of feeling close to strangers that later became our friends and the hope that we will get through this. My daughter Shawntel and my son DeAndre have had to learn to deal with such a deep loss at early ages, and the support we received at Lost & Found has helped us find a "new normal" to our lives. While there is still this hole inside of us that misses mom and Roman deeply, we have learned to keep on living as they would have wanted us to, thanks to the love and support of Lost and Found