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Carey Family

I met Curtis when I was 15 years old. We got together when I was 20, and were inseparable ever since. He took to being a father immediately. He had never been around children before Landon, but he was a natural. The moment I fell in love with him and thought he was the one, was when Landon had been very sick and Curtis stayed up all night helping me wash sheets and give hugs and medicine. There was just something about the way he took care of Landon that night that showed me how much he loved us. January 10, 2014, Curtis died suddenly in a car accident. When I got the call, they wouldn’t tell me anything except that I needed to get to the hospital because there had been an accident. Never did I expect them to sit me down in a tiny waiting room and tell me that Curtis had passed away. That was the most awful moment in my life. Shortly after, I started taking Landon to Lost & Found. We love it. They have helped both of us realize that we are not the only ones who have gone through something like this. It’s wonderful having peopled to talk to who understand what we are going through, even when everyone else we know has moved on. They have helped tremendously, giving us hope and allowing us to express our grief.