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Campbell Family

Dearest Bill...

March 20, 2009…It seems like only yesterday but also forever since we heard your voice, saw your smile, and felt your strong arms around us. I miss your hands...I long for your love.

You gave us the strength to read from our precious journals that told the last 13 years of our life together. We will cherish them forever, and with time, our sons will read about our unconditional love and passion for them and for each other. I know the risk of loving was worth taking, even the loss.

The flowers bloomed and spring became summer. The warm air reminds me of what was, and what would be if you were here. You knew what would bring us back to this life we loved knowing your spirit is alive in everything...and always in our hearts. I await the moment I find my strength. It will come.

The mornings are the hardest...the nature walk holding hands, drinking coffee under the deck, watching the birds…how we loved the mornings together sharing this life we had consummated waiting to hear the words…”I love you Daddy”. Ty is a brown belt now, and you would be so proud. He’s so strong.

As our new life chapter unfolds, I will try to be strong not only for our sons, but for me knowing you’re with us. I'm also learning to be patient with myself. The many challenges that present themselves everyday that I thought would weaken me, have only made me stronger. Is there anything else that we need to talk about?...yes, we need to talk about all the things we didn't get to talk about .