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Brown Family


Lost and Found has improved the dynamics in our family. It has created a specific time for our daughter to feel comfortable in processing the death of our son. This appears to have helped our daughter to understand and heal. She seems more confident in learning when and how to cope with our loss.Our family system has demonstrated progress as well. By sharing our feelings and concerns, it helps my wife and me feel as though we are not alone. It has been natural for some of our peers to move forward after the loss of our son, whereas it has been much more of a process for our family. Lost and Found has provided a safe and comfortable setting where we do not have to feel guilty or judged. It is more of a place where you talk about how your life was, is, and where you want to be in the future. Our family has been positively impacted by Lost and Found. Our family seems more confident in how to find appropriate outlets to our frustrations and recognizing how to respond to difficult situations. Thank you for the care and attention that each of your facilitators have provided to our family.

To begin to call it a journey is a misinterpretation of the magnitude of the devastation our entire family has faced. The loss of our son is a crippling feeling that is leveling and beyond painful. On a daily basis, we feel the pain that he is no longer with us. It has reshaped our personalities to include the negativity it has brought into the dynamics of our family that include our extended members. We no longer feel joy or happiness. We are hampered by the constant and persistent memory of the day we lost our son, and it is increasingly difficult to find peace and understanding as to why or how we were met with the void we now face. While there are moments when we feel normal, the interaction with others invokes memories of our son when he was alive, and now he is not.All of the counseling, therapy, pictures, memories and relating to others provide minimal solace and only promote the idea that our lives have changed forever with his death. There is no comfort. There are distractions. Sadness consumes our family and most of all, our seven year old daughter pays the price of our anger and hatred about what happened. Life is now only a routine of motions we involve ourselves in as we look to pretend that his death did not occur.