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Bonner Family

We never imagined having to grow up without our dad. Even though we didn’t live with him, he would come over twice a week for dinner. We’d play games and watch movies together. Sometimes he’d juggle for us. He could juggle almost anything . . . and always made us laugh. We had always hoped that Dad’s life would get better and we’d be able to live with him again. His unexpected death brought an end to that hope.

Dad’s death was very hard on us. Our school friends knew we were sad, but we really didn’t talk much about it. We tried not to talk to Grandma about it either because we didn’t want to make her cry.

We joined Lost and Found two months after Dad died. We met other people our age who were going through similar losses. There, we were able to talk about what we felt. We knew they understood.

Thank you, Lost and Found, for giving us a safe place to think about our loss and plan our future. We are learning to enjoy life again, but know that we will always miss our Dad.