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Belmer Family

Christa was born with a rare kidney disease; through her trials she became a brave, courageous fighter. She survived out of sheer will and determination for 25 years. She was a very smart girl, full of wit and creativity. She enjoyed strong hugs and kind words. Her story is one of a kind; her trials and defeats are second to none. She loved horses, the beach and, when she was younger, imitating horses on the beach. She is deeply loved and will long be remembered.

We miss her so much. It takes a conscious effort to visualize Christa at peace, free of pain and riding her Arabian horse on a sandy beach. For Christa we can rejoice, but we grieve over all we had planned . . . and those days that will never be. We are grateful our last days were loving times, with all the hurts of the past put to rest. She was blessed to have all of her relationships in order, all the negatives erased, ready to go on to eternity, surrounded by many who loved and cared for her.

If I have learned anything over these past weeks from this loss - I hope to live each day to the fullest and spread kindnesses to those lives I touch. I wish for all of you love and gratitude for your families and abundant blessing. I hope more balance will come into my life as I let go of the non-essentials and focus on the most important aspects of living, caring, and loving.