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Abrams-Radford Family

Our mom, Darnella,was diagnosed with cancer on October 19, 2007. She had it for five years without knowing it, so whenever it was discovered it was practically everywhere in her body. They knew they could not stop it, but they could slow it down. The fight against cancer was a difficult and long one; chemo and radiation went on for months on end. Throughout all of the medicationand days where thepain wasunbearable she went on, and never gave up. She never wanted anyone to help her out. Our mom was a very independentwoman and never let the cancer get her spirit down. If it wasn't for the loss of hair, you would have never known that she was even going through this hard battle. Nothing in the house changed, nothing in her attitude changed and she never let anyone see how much pain she was going through. Our mom wore a necklace that read: Cancer can take my body; Cancer CANNOT take my memories, my personality, my soul or my spirit. Our mom passed away April 4, 2009. Although she is not with us in the flesh, she will always be with us inour hearts, and everything we do. We don't remember her how she was those last few months; we remember how she wasbefore the cancer. We know we will see her again.